Missi Pyle and Chris Grace are working actors and friends discussing the ups and downs of the entertainment industry, from trying to failing to trying and back again.

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Matthew Patrick Davis in BARBARIAN (Spoilers within!)

Matthew Patrick Davis joins us to discuss BARBARIAN, one of the best new movies of the year, and YES we talk about spoilers and plot elements inside, so if you haven't...

A Remote Record

We're traveling! Chris is in a hotel with wifi. We talk about how David Mamet has gone off the rails, and other high-energy topics!

We're Petty

We talk about being petty, growing up in Houston, going to Astroworld, and working day jobs.

Rebounds, Salt Guns & Celebrity Phone Numbers

Join us at patreon.com/freelancepretend and get the amazing offer that Missi mentions in this episode. Also, after this recording Chris bought a salt gun on Amazon.

The relaxed energy episode

Chris is in Houston visiting family and doesn't have access to all the fun bits and bobs and Missi is feeling out of sorts so it's a relaxed, raw episode of complainin...

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